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First test completed :)

Tamiya VOSPER MTBPosted by xilsoe Mar 15, 2009 17:08:08
On Friday 6. of March I tried the VOSPER in water equiped with the RC gear for the first time. That was a huge success. It was fast and really manoeuvrablesmiley At that test I was using a 2s LiPo and the 20mm propeller. I hadn't put the deck on for the test.

At the test I determined that more weight could be added at the back of the boat, so I decided to go for a two battery solution, where one is placed at the front and another one in the back. At the same I decided to go for 3s LiPo batteries as I would like the boat to go faster. So I found two 600mAh batteries that are about the same size as the 2s LiPo I tested with the first time.

If the boat becomes too heavy it is posible to use lower capacity LiPo batteries.

I suppose there has been a lot done since the previous post. I made the motor mount and mounted the drive shaft. I also mounted the receiver in a fixed, but removable manor.

One of my friend at work had an accident with his 1/18 buggy, where water had come into the ESC. The result was that the car went full ahead and he ended up crashing and breaking lots of parts. I don't want this to happen in my boat, so I have been waterproofing the receiver and the ESC as my boat is probably subjected to much more water than his car was.

I have also been painting the red color on the buttom of the hull. Then I put it on the supplied boat stand, and it was immediately scratched smiley I guess one of the next things to do is to make a decent boat stand for this boat. Another thing is definitely to try it out with the 3s LiPos.

I also spent some time soldering so I can connect the two batteries in parallel in the boat and charge them in serial with my charger. When I decided to have two batteries in the boat, I also decided not to use 2mm gold banana connectors for battery connectors. Instead I use Micro T connectors. The reason for this is that when only one battery is connected, two powered male connectors would be exposed, leading to an increased risk of short circuit smiley

I hope to make more updates in the near future.

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