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Sea wolf water cooling

Robbe Sea Wolf V2Posted by xilsoe Feb 18, 2011 20:11:30
The water cooling heat sink for the Sea Wolf arrived earlier this week, so I decided to make water cooling for the sub this week, instead of working on the New Jersey. There was two tricky things about doing this.

The first one was to drill the holes in the WTC rear seal. No electric drill could get to the seal, so I used a pen wise. That gave me two 3mm holes, that needed to 4mm. That was tone with a needle file. Another tricky thing was that the drill would slip on the seal, so I put a piece of tape on the seal. That fixed that problem.

The other thing was how to place the heat sink on the motor and still have it inside the WTC. I found that I would have to remove the motor to slide the heat sink on from the end. Then I found that the water tubes should be placed downwards. That would allow closing the submarine without me having to do any modification. The placement can be seen in the pictures.

I put some 4mm brass tubes through the holes and made a hole in the bottom of the outside hull. This can be seen in the pictures above. Then I secured the brass tubes using Stabilit Express and connected it all by rubber hose. Due to the motor mount the hoses couldn't very far onto the rear heat sink tubes, so I decided to put some hose clamps on to make sure the hoses stays on.

As this decreases buoyancy I decided to remove some of the ballast from the rear. I haven't tried the sub out after the upgrade, so I don't know how well it works yet. I'll report back when I know.

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